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MOJOMORE Galvanised Metal Waterproof Flower Pot Rack Antimold Outdoor Shoes Rak Kasut Multipurpose S
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Waterproof Flower Pot Rack

Material: Galvanised Metal 


✅ At least 8 pots plant can be placed (up to 8 pots for 120cm/ up to 6 pots for 80cm)
✅Ensure the plants get enough sunlight 
✅As a display shelf for plants/ shoes 
✅Able to display under 40 degrees sunlight
✅Easy clean with water hose
✅Safe on kids


Mojomore                             Other shop
✅Use Galvanised Metal  ❌Use PVC Board
✅Use Nuts and Bolts       ❌Nail
✅Use Extra thick!!            ❌Use Thin Board 
✅Outdoor under sun       ❌Outdoor under shade 

Product Dimension (Length x Width x Height in cm)
: 80 X 23 X 12                                     【80L x 12H (White)】
: 80 X 23 X 33                                   【80L x 33H (White)】
: 80 X 23 X 54                                   【80L x 54H (White)】 
: 80 X 23 X 12, 80 X 23 X 33, 80 X 23 X 54     【80L (3in1 Set)】
: 120 X 23 X 12                                        【120L x 12H (White)】
: 120 X 23 X 12                                   【120L x 12H (Gold)】

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1. Local manufacturer based in Shah Alam giving you Fresh from Factory products at Excellent Prices
2. Assure the use of High Quality and Safe raw material
3. Ensures Next Day & Safe Delivery by a Good Packing

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